Are you having unexplained headaches, neck or jaw pain ?


Did you know that 75% people brush their teeth incorrectly thus leading to cavities, swollen gums, tooth structure loss & tooth loss.

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A Warm Welcome and a Beautiful Smile

The Delhi Dental Clinic is the oldest Clinic in Shivalik for the last 25 years. This speaks in itself for the expertise & experience rendered at the clinic. We strongly believe that our patients are our best advertisement and best promoters.

At The Delhi Dental Clinic we have state of art equipment supported with latest customized software to make your dental treatment, a painless and pleasant experience along with keeping the record of all previous treatment done . We use a self designed all exclusive patient-management software to manage the patient’s records, history, scheduling and recalls, etc.

About Dr. N.S Arora

Dr. N S. Arora is a Maxillofacial specialist looking after the surgical, aesthetic, functional and general oral health needs of the patients. Manages the need for oral surgery & Implant Dentistry along with RCT(SINGLE SITTING ROTARY CROWN BRIDGE AND FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION IN REGULAR AND POST SURGERY CASES OF TRAUMA ROAD ACCIDENTS AND CANCER. Screening for cancer with a very advanced technique called “BRUSH BIOPSY” is also done so as to catch and treat early life-threatening diseases like oral cancer and precancerous diseases like Leukoplakia Submucous fibrosis AS IT IS BETTER TO PREVENT AND PREPARE THAN TO REPENT AND REPAIR.


The Delhi Dental Clinic is equipped with the most advanced instruments and machinery. Hence, we proudly call it an advanced Super-speciality Dental Care Centre.

The Delhi Dental Clinic is dedicated to add a zing of confidence in each smile and is committed to pay 100% attention to each patient’s problems.  


In today’s world of life-threatening infections like AIDS and HEPATITIS, sterilization is of prime importance and patients should be aware that to contact these fatal infections can be most easily contacted in presence of saliva and blood, every deadly combination. Keeping this in mind we in our establishment use disposables, whenever and wherever possible or use state-of-the-art computerized autoclaves and chemiclaves to overcome the risks of cross infections. All equipment work on sterile distilled water.

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