How To Keep Your Dental Implant Hygienic And Clean?

About 10 lakh people go with best dental implants in India every year. This is the safest option for people who have lost one or more teeth as they bond with the natural bones and support the replaced teeth. They also get the advantage of allowing replaced teeth look the same as the natural ones.

The right treatment and following proper hygiene after dental implants are ways to keep their usefulness and appearance.

Following are the tips that will help keep the dental implant hygienic and clean if followed in the right manner.


Often known as a dental or oral water irrigator, the product helps to kill bacteria up to 6 mm deep. Most dentists prefer water flossers over dental floss since different varieties of floss will discard particles that lead to peri-implantitis. This is why make sure to use the flosser so that all the germs and bacteria flush out from the mouth and keeps it hygienic.


It has been said that the brushes with soft bristles are likely to hurt the gums or cause bleeding and are as effective as hard or medium bristles in extracting plaque and tartar. Also, electric brushes help remove bacteria more efficiently than manual brushes because they produce many strokes than a human hand.


Avoiding both of these things is beneficial for your physical well-being. However, ensure to stay away from them if you had an implant done by the best dentist in India. Keep this in mind that the implants take about 6-7 months to recover completely, so smoking can be risky during this period. Alcohol is also proved to slow down the process of healing, so avoid even if you are addicted.


After waking up, brushing in the morning prevents foul smell and kills germs that might have built up in your mouth overnight. Similarly, brushing before going to bed at night kills the bacteria that might have accumulated throughout the day and prevents the risk of decay and plaque build-up overnight. Also, it is recommended to brush at the time of the meal or when bacteria and food particles need to be cleanedat any time of the day. This needs to be done especially when you have implant so that your teeth don’t get affected.

  • Use bridge & crown floss

These are primarily designed to clean over and under dental implants. Its rigid end helps to insert the floss in between the implants and pull it through another side. By this way, all the fluoride spread across the implants, which helps to avoid excessive growth of bacteria.

These are some of the tips suggested by the best dental clinic in India that will help to keep the implant clean.  To know about your eligibility and treatment options, call the best dental clinic in India now!

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